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Fire In Paws - Siberian Husky

About Us

We are hobby breeders of Siberian Huskies. Our home breeding started of our passion and love for this breed. To constantly extend our canine knowledge and experience we regularly participate in meetings of Group 5 of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP). Our dogs live with us at home and enjoy equal rights as members of our family. They all go through regular veterinary check-ups like, among other things, eye examinations or dysplasia tests. It is our goal to breed genetically healthy dogs according to the standard of the breed set by the FCI. We also understand how important it is to take good care of mental health of our dogs. Siberian Huskies from our dog breeding are regularly taken for leisure training which involves sprint, distance runs, skijoring, pulka, canicross, and bikejoring. Yet these are mostly long and mid distance runs that we concentrate on as we understand their tremendous desire to RUN. Due to our efforts our dogs are very successful at dog shows throughout Europe and, what is equally important, are apt to fulfil the role for which this breed was created i.e. of the working dogs. The very first Siberian Husky named BOOGIE arrived at my family house in 2002 from an experienced dog breeding called Fortunatus Poland. And it was from him that my lifelong passion of the heart for this breed has begun and I am lucky to have enthused  my husband Pawel about it. BOOGIE arrived at our house as a dog to love. At that time the idea of dog shows did not even cross our minds. Neither did we have any plans to start any dog breeding. When I left my family house, BOOGIE stayed with my parents -  - lived happily and passed away on August 2016.. After many years at my parents, I learned a lot about the breed, its temperament, behaviour, and needs. And I also learned one more thing – I would not be able to live without a Siberian by my side!

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In 2010, after several years of my marriage and much thought,  me and my husband decided to buy a Siberian Husky puppy and this is how TIGER, our first Siberian Husky from the “Srebro Polnocy” dog breeding, came into our life. Soon another one, VIPER (born in the same dog breeding) joined him. Not much later our adventure with dog shows has started. We were so happy to discover that dog shows were a great fun not only to us but also to our beloved dogs. It was there where we met a lot of great people both in Poland and abroad. And with many of them we have made friends keeping in touch also outside of dog shows. For us and our dogs it is the time to relax and play, regardless of any competition result, especially that our dogs have also a lot of friends there.

Pretty soon our dogs have started to win champion and interchampion titles. They were also ranked as the best in their breed, as well as invited to rings of honour. Needless to say it is an additional source of enjoyment to us.

The year 2013 was an absolute turning point to us all when our first female dog, FIRE IN PAWS OF SIBERIAN LADY, born in Serbia, joined us. We realized we must have been waiting for FIRE for all our lives. She originates from an exclusive breeding match. With a wonderful pedigree and temperamental perfection she makes a splendid representative of the breed. And it was thanks to her that our dog breeding passion started so we had no other choice but to call our dog breeding after this wonderful female dog. 

429357_406162162731624_1458581544_n.jpg 530971_504761322871707_191020497_n.jpg KOSICE 2013 007.jpg KOSICE 2013 036.jpg KOSICE 2013 045.jpg

All this would not have happened without the assistance of our friends.

But first of all I would like to thank  my husband  for everything and even more ….

And me and my husband would like to give our acknowledgment to: 

- my parents for their support and love they give to our dogs

- Mirjana Prpic from the Siberian Lady dog breeding for her trust and breeding assistance that she gave us

Basia Szczepanska from the „Srebro Polnocy” dog breeding for our first beloved dogs

our Friends from DB Arctic kennel DB Arctic – Beata and Darek

our Friends from Illa Kuvianartok

all dog show judges who rate our dogs

all photographers for their marvellous pictures presented on our websites:

- all others, not mentioned here (sorry), from whom we get beautiful images of our dogs after each dog show.

We do appreciate it. Thank you!  

- all handlers who show our dogs

- Giardeto Design - website and graphics 

 giardeto design

and all other friends who give us their support, share with us joy, their knowledge and  time. 

KOSICE 2013 008.jpg KOSICE 2013 026.jpg KOSICE 2013 037.jpg KOSICE 2013 041.jpg

More information is coming up soon in the RECENCY tab.

You are welcome to visit our website.  We hope you will enjoy watching the pictures.

                                                                                    Violetta  &  Pawel